Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yay for Snuggles

Today was a really good day.  Last night they took out his breathing tube and he's been doing really well without it.

This of course means I got to have cuddles with him today.  I love being able to hold him in my arms and see his sweet little face.

It is also super encouraging that as each day passes little Rob has less and less tubes going into him.  He's down to a couple, an oxygen tube and his monitoring leads.  The less tubes the healthier he is.

It was also quite cool that he actually opened his eyes a couple of times.  He's pretty much been a "I'm going to keep my eyes closed" type of guy.

His wee nose is a little smushed still from the breathing tube, but it should go back to normal soon.  

And Live Action Snuggles!

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