Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Babysitter

Dear Robbie,

I want to remember this for when you are much older and don't want your uncool parents to stay home with you.

Tonight your Dad and I went out for the first time without you.  We left you with your Auntie Margie who was going to have a fun dance party with you.  Your Dad and I managed a whole hour and half before we got the text that you were going to be Mr. Inconsolable soon.  So I came home and you were just screaming your little head off.  Then you became Mr. Happy again once I was home and gave you some snuggles.  After that we hung out with your Aunty Margie and you were as happy as a clam to have two ladies hanging out with you on a Saturday night.

Next time we hope you'll last a little longer so Mom & Dad can have a date sometime.



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 7 Months!

Happy 7 Month Birthday Robbie!

I can't believe that we've had you in our lives for a whole 7 months already.  It just seems like yesterday you arrived.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Our little Munchkin has learned how to giggle.  It's most wonderful to listen to him giggle when I'm playing with him.  He loves to giggle when I hold him up in the air and bring him back down.

He's such a little cutie.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Last Shuttle

Dear Robbie,

I thought you might like to know someday what you were doing when the last space shuttle was launched into space.

You were sitting in front of the TV having a nap.  We thought you might watch if you happened to wake up.   But you didn't.  You woke up about 3 minutes after the shuttle was in space.  




Robbie seems to be enjoying bubbles a lot these days.  Well, his parents are probably enjoying them even more than he is, but he does seem to like them.  In his swimming class the instructor had a song and a bubble blower.  Now that swimming class is over for the summer I got a little bubble blower for him for home.  Of course I shot a wee bit of video for it too!

EDIT - and it looks like we will have to try again for the video.  It's kind of on the small side

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Swim in the Lake

This past weekend we went up to my parents cottage for Canada Day.  It was a fun relaxing time with Robbie having another couple of his firsts.  One was his first swim in the lake.  It didn't last long as the lake is still a little chilly.

The other was that he got to go to his first Canada Day party @ his Aunt's house.  It was much fun as always and he was the life of the party.