Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Babysitter

Dear Robbie,

I want to remember this for when you are much older and don't want your uncool parents to stay home with you.

Tonight your Dad and I went out for the first time without you.  We left you with your Auntie Margie who was going to have a fun dance party with you.  Your Dad and I managed a whole hour and half before we got the text that you were going to be Mr. Inconsolable soon.  So I came home and you were just screaming your little head off.  Then you became Mr. Happy again once I was home and gave you some snuggles.  After that we hung out with your Aunty Margie and you were as happy as a clam to have two ladies hanging out with you on a Saturday night.

Next time we hope you'll last a little longer so Mom & Dad can have a date sometime.



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