Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Little Boy Continues to Surprise Me!

This little boy of mine continues to surprise and delight me with all of the new things he is learning.   From learning how to drink out of a cup to figuring out a bit of the stairs on his own.  He's getting more and more words and I'm sure is going to be communicating like crazy soon.  He is such a wee little bundle of joy and energy.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What a difference a year makes

I've got this post one day late, but that is life with a busy pre-schooler.  

One  year ago on the 12th of June we sat in the surgical waiting room at Sick Kids for what was probably one of the scariest days of our lives.  Our Munchkin was in for drastic brain surgery to disconnect the left side of his brain.   Even though our surgeon and neurologists were all very positive about the outcome it's pretty scary stuff.  His Dad and I were so terrified for him.

Thankfully our boy came through it wonderfully and has made great leaps and bounds since then.  He went from begin barely able to sit up  an not eery wanting to eat because of side effects of one of the drugs to our little boy who is running around and learning new things every day.  We are so blessed that it all went so well.  He is such a trooper and dealt with all the adversity so well. 

Munchkin a few days before the surgery

Robbie Now

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ride for Heart Experience 2013

Today was the big day!  It was Ride for Heart time.  We happily had a last minute addition to our Ride of Munchkin's Dad.  So we were able to do the ride as a family for the first time.

The ride was pretty good.  We only did the 25k due to having Munchkin with us.  Munchkin was rather unhappy about the whole bike helmet thing and was quite vocal about it.  But we think in the end he had a pretty good time.

He had a great time back at the Better Living Centre where he ran amok amongst all the VIPs and Corporate Challenge riders.  He made friends all over the place.

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us.  It's an event near and dear to our hearts and we can't thank you enough.

Our Ride for Heart Page

Our team did really well and we came in 3rd in our industry

I don't like this helmet thing

Hanging Out

Yay I'm freeeeeeee!!!!!

I'm going places with Daddy

Chillin out after the ride