Monday, July 8, 2013

Saying Mommy

So our sweet little boy seems to be picking language up at quite a rapid
rate.  This weekend he started calling me Mommy.  He's been saying Daddy
for awhile, but not Mommy.  Well, he has been calling me Mom which is
awesome and fantastic, but it kind of sounded like a zombie calling me.  I
found it super cute and I"m hoping to get that as a sound bite before he
stops doing it.

But he's now calling out for Mommy and it is super sweet and awesome.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Slides are fun!

Yesterday on my way to the grocery store with Mr. Munchkin I passed a couple pushing a stroller with a little girl about a year younger than my wee man.  As we passed by I noticed that this sweet little girl had a nose tube in.  It struck me right then that exactly one year ago I was pushing Munchkin down the same bit of street with his nose tube in while we were on a weekend pass between Sick Kids and Bloorview.  My eyes welled up a little as I remembered how worried I was for him and so hopeful that the surgery seemed to have worked so well.   I wanted to stop that family and tell them that I hoped their little girl would be doing super well this time next year just like Munchkin. 

So to brighten your Canada Day, I bring you my little man doing the slide all by himself.  He still often needs a little bit of support getting up the stairs but he can do the rest of it all by himself!