Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting a Little Closer to Walking

So today was a bit of a banner day for our wee Munchkin. For the first time he took 5 independent steps. It's very exciting. When his Dad went to the daycare today to pick him up our Munchkin was walking around with one of the daycare workers holding him by the hands. When he saw his Dad, he took his hands away from his daycare worker and started walking towards his dad. After 5 steps he fell over (his daycare person caught him). We think that our little Munchkin might be walking soon.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

100th Grey Cup

Many years ago your dad was born on Grey Cup Sunday. This year was the 100th Grey Cup and it was held in Toronto. Even better the Toronto Argonauts we playing in it against the Calgary Stampeders. You father managed to secure 4 very expensive tickets for the game last minute. Your Uncle Rich and Uncle Ron both joined us in going to the Game. unfortunately your Grandfather could not get an earlier flight to join us in this special moment. It was a perfect evening you had lots of fun, you even cheered for the Argos when they scored. You were startled by the fireworks but never got more than restless during the game. Your mom came and got you after the first quarter. Sorry you missed Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jensen, I am sure I will make it up to you by taking you to see some other pop icon when you are older. You are a good luck charm as the Argos won defeating the Calgary by a lot. Thanks for coming to the game with me.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Boys Weekend part 2

After and exhausting first day Robbie and dad decided to go back to bed after breakfast and medicine. A nice 2 hour nap was just what was needed. Then it was time to get dressed, have a quick lunch and then head to the Rogers Centre to meet up with Big Rob so that Robbie could watch his first CFL  and Argos game. Robbie had fun lasting through the whole first half and Half time. By time the 3rd quarter started he was fading fast so we went for a short walk on the concourse. Daddy bought beers for him and big Rob and when he sat back down I promptly fell asleep and napped until mid way through the 4th quarter. It was  great game as the Argos beat the Eskimos. Daddy asked if i wanted to go to Montreal next weekend. I told him I was not sure i was ready for a road trip.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Boys Weekend Part 1

Finally after 23 months your mother has finally felt comfortable and had the opportunity to be away from you for more than a few hours. Your mommy has gone on daddy's women's football team end of season trip. I am sure there will be many end of season trips for you in the future. So pay no attention to your parents when they tell you to behave on the footy trip. Today Gram ma came into town form Guelph and we went to the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair. Your Gram ma had never been so it was a grand adventure for both of you. You fell asleep shortly after we got there. Just as we got to the sheep pens. Fortunately a short nap and some lunch was all you needed and you were then ready to pet some farm animals. Too bad their were no piggies in the petting farm as I am sure you would have loved them. But you did get to pet a few goats and sheep. You also saw a few horses and cows. Next year I expect that you will be much more excited about the Fair. Tomorrow you get to go to your first Argos game.

Friday, November 9, 2012


It would appear that a whole month has past since since the last update so dad is going to try and have a go at this blog. Robbie had a wonderful Halloween starting with the Bloorview Monster March. It is a great fundraiser for the hospital and it was great to see all the kids out enjoying a really great event. Unfortunately the day was pouring rain and cold so the staff at Bloorview spent the morning setting up through out the main floor of the hospital so that the March could go ahead. Trrick or treat stations were setup and lots of toys and treats were distributed to the kids. Robbie was put in his walker and he quite enthusiastically toddled around the hallways in his monkey costume. I would say that he walked at least 80% of the way need a little push here and there. At the end each participant received a finishers medal seen in the below picture.

Robbie continues to visit Bloorview for therapy to help him overcome the effects of the stroke. His balance is ever improving and the use of the right hand and arm while still very limited shows signs of improved usage. He is our little trooper and I am truly blessed by his smile even when his dad is not saving him from his therapist. Only one months to his second birthday and lots of excitement and things for him to do in the coming weeks.