Saturday, November 10, 2012

Boys Weekend Part 1

Finally after 23 months your mother has finally felt comfortable and had the opportunity to be away from you for more than a few hours. Your mommy has gone on daddy's women's football team end of season trip. I am sure there will be many end of season trips for you in the future. So pay no attention to your parents when they tell you to behave on the footy trip. Today Gram ma came into town form Guelph and we went to the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair. Your Gram ma had never been so it was a grand adventure for both of you. You fell asleep shortly after we got there. Just as we got to the sheep pens. Fortunately a short nap and some lunch was all you needed and you were then ready to pet some farm animals. Too bad their were no piggies in the petting farm as I am sure you would have loved them. But you did get to pet a few goats and sheep. You also saw a few horses and cows. Next year I expect that you will be much more excited about the Fair. Tomorrow you get to go to your first Argos game.

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