Sunday, November 11, 2012

Boys Weekend part 2

After and exhausting first day Robbie and dad decided to go back to bed after breakfast and medicine. A nice 2 hour nap was just what was needed. Then it was time to get dressed, have a quick lunch and then head to the Rogers Centre to meet up with Big Rob so that Robbie could watch his first CFL  and Argos game. Robbie had fun lasting through the whole first half and Half time. By time the 3rd quarter started he was fading fast so we went for a short walk on the concourse. Daddy bought beers for him and big Rob and when he sat back down I promptly fell asleep and napped until mid way through the 4th quarter. It was  great game as the Argos beat the Eskimos. Daddy asked if i wanted to go to Montreal next weekend. I told him I was not sure i was ready for a road trip.

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