Sunday, November 25, 2012

100th Grey Cup

Many years ago your dad was born on Grey Cup Sunday. This year was the 100th Grey Cup and it was held in Toronto. Even better the Toronto Argonauts we playing in it against the Calgary Stampeders. You father managed to secure 4 very expensive tickets for the game last minute. Your Uncle Rich and Uncle Ron both joined us in going to the Game. unfortunately your Grandfather could not get an earlier flight to join us in this special moment. It was a perfect evening you had lots of fun, you even cheered for the Argos when they scored. You were startled by the fireworks but never got more than restless during the game. Your mom came and got you after the first quarter. Sorry you missed Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jensen, I am sure I will make it up to you by taking you to see some other pop icon when you are older. You are a good luck charm as the Argos won defeating the Calgary by a lot. Thanks for coming to the game with me.

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