Friday, December 24, 2010

Sick Kids really is a wonderful place

Today when I was hanging out at the hospital with my wee guy, one of the nurses told me about all the doings that happen on Christmas Day for the kidlets.

Apparently Santa comes around and visits all of the kids and has a picture done with each wee one.  And each child gets a present.  The hospital also organizes a Christmas lunch or dinner for the parents should they be around at mealtime.

We Rob isn't going to remember this, but I definitely will.  And I'm quite sure it will be a really wonderful thing for the older children who have to be in the hospital over the holidays.

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  1. Yeah, I almost cried at the sight of the pile of presents donated. Its tough to be a kid in the hospital, even tougher to be a kid in the hospital at Christmas.

    Sick Kids really is a magical place.