Monday, December 13, 2010

Wow that happened fast

Well, last night I went to bed in the hospital thinking I was going to hopefully get a good night's rest and start figuring everything out in the morning.  Bruce went home to pack me a bag of stuff to keep me entertained while in the hospital and start on the baby's room.

Somehow I didn't get that good night's sleep.  I dozed off around 11 pm and was woken up a little after midnight by my roommate being returned after a procedure.  Then I slept in that kind of half sleep you have in a hospital with all the comings and goings.

Then somewhere around three in the morning I started feeling cramps that were a little suspicious to me.  So I waited a bit and spoke with the nurse, then the doctor on call who figured I was in the very beginnings of labour and not to worry I should get some sleep since the contractions were about 15 minutes or so apart and nothing was likely to happen for a good long time yet.  So I did as instructed, but wow......try and sleep during contractions?  No way. Doze off perhaps but not really.

I guess in that doze state things were moving along and somewhere around 8 I was getting to the swearing state of pain.  I had kind of lost track of when contractions were happening and they were a lot more intense than they had been before.  So I called the nurse again who put me on the monitor again and grabbed the doctor on call fairly quickly who checked me out and said that we should get ourselves off to the delivery room and get Bruce to get there.  I had mentioned he said he was coming by around 9 (and it was about 9 then).  So just as they were loading me on the gurney to move and get ready to call him, he walked in.  So it was kind of "Surprise Honey!  We're having our baby now!"

So off we trundled to the labour and delivery room.

Shortly after we got settled I decided that maybe I was going to rethink this no pain drugs dealie.  So I asked about what we could do and it was decided that I was too far along to think about an epidural (and I'm actually glad about that now), but I could have some laughing gas if I wanted.  So I took the gas.  It didn't kill the pain, but it did take the edge off.

Then very quickly, it seem that the doctor said I could start pushing.  It seemed like a long time, but then not so much time had really passed.  It was funny to be able to start pushing.  I had been concentrating so hard on not pushing that it was a bit odd to be able to start doing it.

Then 24 minutes later, out popped this cute wee little guy.  It seemed like forever and that all of my efforts weren't doing much, but apparently they were.  Then Bruce got to cut the cord.

Sadly I didn't get to hold him right then and there.  They had to whisk him away to make sure he was all right and get him ready for the trip to Sick Kids.  But they did bring him by for a few minutes so I could see him and touch him through the isolette they were transporting him in.

So my labour and delivery seemed to only last about 7.5 hours total.  It was a bit of a surprise and a whirlwind.

Throughout all of it I was so glad that Bruce was there.  He was a rock and amazing.  It was a bit of a shock to show up to visit your wife thinking you were going to go home and work on the baby's room all day, and find that your little one was imminently arriving.

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