Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breathing tubes and no PICC Line

No photo today.  I didn't take one.  It just kind of slipped my mind.

So our wee guy didn't have such a great night.  He wasn't breathing so well and it was bringing his heart rate up a bit too high so they decided to but the breathing tube back in.  Since they did that this morning, they didn't put the PICC line in.  They thought he might want the day off to relax and recover from having the tube put back in.  So they will be doing the PICC line tomorrow morning instead.  Then after that they want to transfer him to the NICU while he grows big enough for his surgery.  So they will be just waiting for a bed then.

They are investigating to make sure he doesn't have any infections in his lungs or anything, but they all seem to think that it's just his little lungs not being quite developed enough yet. So the breathing tube should help with that.

The bad thing about having the breathing tube in is that I can't have him for snuggles.  So we spent part of our afternoon together holding hands instead.

Also, the Genetics Doctor came by and had a poke at him.  He doesn't think there is anything wrong with him genetically which is good.  He's still waiting on all the test results though.

But in general they think he's doing well and should start fattening up for surgery.  

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