Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sick Kids Hospital

I must say, so far the Sick Kids Hospital team has been fantastic.  They have been  super reassuring and open to all of our questions and such.

Yesterday when we were there for the Echo Cardiogram, the nurse coordinator gave us a tour of all the areas we would need when we have to be there.

It was quite informative and reassuring.  I also like how they want you to spend as much time as is healthy with your child.  There are three "rooms" the wee one gets to be in while it's there.  The Critical Care Room, the Step Down Room and then a Private room.

In the first two rooms we can have pretty much 24 hour a day access.  We can't sleep there, but we can come and go as much as we want.  There are a few instances where we can't be in the room, but those are all procedure related is totally reasonable.

Then once Munchkin gets to the private room, which will be after surgery and a bit of recovery, we can stay as much as we want.  There is a bed in the room and a shower as well.  And they encourage you to spend as much time as possible with your little one.

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