Monday, December 20, 2010

Today was a pretty low key day with my wee little Rob.  I got some cuddle time with him all wrapped up in a blanket right after his bath.  The picture I've attached is him right after his bath before his Sipap machine was put back on.  This boy does not like taking baths.  The crying wailing and flailing this wee boy did was mighty!  

Tomorrow he's going to get a PICC line put in to make all the blood tests etc....  a little easier on him.  He also might get a new room tomorrow.  He may get moved up to the NICU tomorrow sometime so he can grow and get ready for the surgery.  The doctors were saying today that the surgery isn't likely until January and they are hoping he will graduate to the 4D ward before that.  

That's all I"ve got for now.  He's still a little on the yellow side.  

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  1. Well the yellow is definitely starting to go away. We'll come up with a distraction for the bath time for when he gets home.