Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still Mr. Speedy

Today was  no different from yesterday.  Our Rob is Mr. Super Speedy.  When we called this morning, they told us that he was doing so well that they were transferring him back up to the 4D Ward.  And sure enough when my sister and I got there later on in the day to visit, he was up in the Step Down Room.

They have also started getting rid of many of the tubes and wires he has.  When we were there, they took out 2 of the IV lines he had.  

If he keeps going the way he is, then he'll be home before you know it.

In fact one of the nurses that had been looking after him before the surgery walked by me in the hall, smiled at me and kept walking....then she turned around and came back with a "hey wait a minute is he back already?"

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