Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy Days and Progress

I've been stayingin in the hospital again with Rob so that is why the posts haven't been as frequent.  We've been brusy growing, learning how to eat and losing more and more attachements each day.  By the end of today Rob should only have his feeding tube and oxygen monitor left. 

The doctors say he is doing well and doesn't need to be in the cardiac ward anymore.  Yay.  It's just preemie stuff to worry about now which is really learning to eat.  He's working on it.  Hopefully later on today he's be doing much better with that.  Today is the first day he hasn't had either his chest tube in or some morphine for doing tests.  The tube made it painful for him and the morphine just makes him too sleepy to eat.

Because he doesn't need to be on the Cardiac ward anymore it looks like he's going to be going to another hospital in the next couple of days for eating and growing.

Next post may be from a different hospital.  I wish he could be coming home but if it helps then that's what has to happen. 

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