Sunday, January 2, 2011

Changes Every Day

Our wee boy graduated today from the incubator to a crib.  He looks so small in the crib though.  Having him in the incubator really gave you a false sense of how big he is.  He looks really tiny in the crib.

Today we got to spend lost and lots of time cuddling.  He has the funniest little hiccups.  I could just spend hours and hours just snuggling with him.  

Because he isn't in the little warming oven anymore, Bruce brought him some clothes when he came to pick me up tonight.  It's funny.  When I was putting all of these clothes away I thought they were really tiny.  Well, my son is even smaller.  He is just swimming in this onesie that says it is for 5.5 to 8 pounds.

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  1. YAY! Now I got to get healthy again so I can go see him!