Monday, January 10, 2011

An update after being away from the internet

It’s been a busy few days.    I haven’t been posting as much because posting from one’s iPhone is not the most convenient way of doing things when there is lots to type and there is no internet on the ward. And since I've been at the hospital with our little guy since Wednesday......

Last Thursday we were supposed to go for the surgery, but it got cancelled because the first surgery of the day went longer than they thought it would.  So we went back to waiting. 

Over Friday and Saturday, our wee guy was having a bunch of issues with the oxygen levels in his blood.  At one point they had him in an oxygen box to help out with it all.  They were actually at one point talking about putting a breathing tube back in to help out.  Thankfully they didn’t need to.  A blood transfusion on Sunday morning did the trick to make the levels stay in a good place.  The only way we had been able to keep him in the safe zone before that was to have me/someone else hold him.  But I was the preferred one .  So I was actually up for about 24 hours straight snuggling him. 

Now after the transfusion he’s good. 

And we’ve heard that our surgery is going to be either on Tuesday or if not, it will be on Wednesday. 

Here’s hoping it all happens tomorrow.  I would like to get the surgery done with so he can heal and come home.  

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