Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our speedy healing guy

We had a nice surprise when we got into the hospital this afternoon.  They had decided that he could be extubated.  So our guy had his head in a box getting some extra oxygen.  Much better than a breathing tube in his nose.  He's making great strides in healing.  There seems to be less and less in the way of tubes and drugs and the like.  They stopped his morphine today and are just giving him tylenol now.

We were able to have snuggles which was amazing.  I figured it would be a couple of more days before we would be able to do that.  They were very ginger cuddles since I didn't want to jostle him too hard.  I'm sure Bruce felt the same way.  He even kind of opened his eyes very momentarily.

While we were there they changed the bed he was in from one of the small heated beds to a "Big Boy Bed", which i a regular kid.  It's really funny how the size of the bed changes your perspective.  In the small heated one he looks big.  Then when you get him into the regular bed he looks absolutely tiny.

So here's hoping that he can head up to the step down room soon!  That's one step closer to being home with us.

One thing I hadn't realized, rather than stitches to close up his chest, they used glue.  I thought that was a little odd.

And now for pictures!

Our wee guy when we got there.  


And when we were leaving, he was in his big boy bed.  

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