Friday, January 21, 2011

Rob is all tucked in for the night

Tonight Rob was transferred over to St. Joseph's.  Sadly I was not.  They don't have the same setup that Sick Kids does.  So there are no rooms for parents to stay in with their kids.  There is a some sort of shared parent room that can be used occasionally, but not guaranteed and you are sleeping in a room with some random other parents that are in the NICU.

And they have put him in the NICU in an isolette on monitors.  I kind of feel like that's a step backwards to three/four weeks ago.  Now I realize they are doing it to make sure that he's ok but still...

This means that I'm home in the evenings now.  So that means you do get more blog updates.

Sick Kids is truly a magical place for child care.  They really do go the extra mile and a half for the kids.

One of our nurses took this picture of us a few hours before it was transfer  time.  

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