Friday, January 28, 2011

It Was Mess up Mom day today

As it turns out I am not quite staying at the hospital yet.  They decided that he was doing better with some of the feeding and want to wait on it.

Of note today was the fact that I almost had to leave the hospital in a hospital gown today.  Note quite, but close.  During bath time, he thought it would be great fun to pee on my T-Shirt and pants.  I swear if he could have giggled he would have.  Then after he had his lunch he was snuggled up on my chest and managed to spit up all over my chest.  Lucky for me I had taken my shirt off and had a hospital gown on for Kangaroo cuddling.  If not, I would have been minus a shirt.

I think I'm going to be heading off to the hospital with a change of shirt from now on, just in case.

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