Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Robbie is a Swinging along

Below is a three picture sequence of Robbie after two weeks twice a week. Robbie before starting the therapy was unable able to extend his arm or open his hand to the extent that he is in the first picture. He is fully supporting his weight I am only preventing his right hand from slipping from the bar. Robbie does a one on one session with Stephanie and Yuji and they have adjusted their program due to Robbie not being able to stay in one place very long. For Robbie they have stations set up around the space where he does different exercises at each exercise. They work on Robbie at different times during the hour start/middle/end to relax the right side tension and get a free movement in his arm/ (what they are focussing on) and his right leg (less work needed). Robbie has been able to do several basic yoga poses, cat, table, plank, downward dog for short durations under his own power. Grip strength in his right hand is almost no existent but it gets a little better each session and his motor control is also getting better. Since starting his toilet training has started on a path towards success. I do not want to oversell the program however this is proving to be the right program for Robbie, so far.

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