Thursday, September 17, 2015

Where does the time go?

Robbie has been busy since the arrival of his little brother. Trips to the cottage, field trips at daycare, doctor appointments, Saturday morning trip to the dump and the hardware store. he has handled every new challenge with a smile and cheerful disposition. the road this summer has not been without its challenges. his behaviour towards other kids has had his parents at their wits end, though a reward system for.good behaviour seems to have dramatically curbed the bad behaviour. Robbie had started senior kindergarten at at new school. there were the first day jitters for him a his parents, however he seems seems really like his new class. there are only 8 in the room, all with additional support requirements. it is hoped that a year in this class will help get Robbie over th hump developmentally with regards to social skills and independence physically. then we'll be back at his home school, which we really love. Bussing has been an initial challenge, however in true Robbie fashion he has risen to the challenge and seems to b excited about his daily bus ride.

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