Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Sad and a Happy Day

Today was both a sad day and a happy day at the same time.

Today Robbie had his last session with the Occupational Therapist he's been seeing since last spring.  This is due to the structure of funding and the like for the therapy.  He's going to be going on to have his therapy at Bloorview in January.  We are all going to miss having her work with Robbie.  She is fantastic and even though Robbie complains about the therapy he likes her a lot.  I'm hoping that we will be able to work with her in the future.

So that was the sad news.  The happy news is that our little man saw his neurologist yesterday as well and everything still seems to be going very well.  She was really happy to see him walking (with us holding his hand) and trying to get into everything.  We also get to take him off one of the drugs he's been taking so he's now pretty much down to 1 drug + aspirin.

So a happy day and a sad day all in one.

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