Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fruity Chicken

As many of you know we've been dealing with our Munchkin not eating very much of anything for a very long time due to the drugs he was on. We were super happy that he started eating again after his surgery. He only likes to eat sweet things though which is a bit of a challenge for getting all the nutrition he needs. He's generally been flat out refusing to eat vegetables and meat. You might get one spoonful in but that's about it. Tonight though we managed to get him to eat a little bit of chicken. It was cleverly hidden in a whole lot of fruit puree, but he ate it and didn't turn up his nose at it. This was super happy making for us. We're hoping for a repeat performance tomorrow and that we can slowly increase the amount of chicken and he'll start to like it. And since I haven't shared a photo lately, here's one of him on his brand new couch. One of our neighbours very thoughtfully gave it to him as a welcome home from the hospital present. He loves it and so do we. He looks like such a grown up kid on that couch though.

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