Saturday, September 17, 2011

Health Hurdles

We've been dealing with another health problem for our wee Munchkin for the past month or so.  It turns out he has a form of Epilepsy called Infantile Spasms.  This has probably happened in part because he was a preemie.  We'll know more in awhile as he had an MRI yesterday to have a look at his brain.

The good news about the Infantile Spasms is that he will grow out of them by the time he's about 2.  He's on medication that controls them so that is good.  The hard part is giving him the medication.  He hates it and we have to give it to him twice a day.  

Poor little guy just can't seem to get a break some days.  But we caught the spasms pretty fast and Sick Kids saw us super fast so we were able to get it under control quickly which is a good thing.   If you don't control the spasm a child can end up with some pretty severe mental delays.  

All of this has given us a clue to why his right arm (and to a certain extent right leg) aren't as advanced as his left side.  We've been getting a physical therapist to work with him and he's learning to use it.  It turns out that the root cause of all of this might be a little damage in the left side of his brain.  This is what the MRI is looking at.  Thankfully, because he's an infant he should be able to compensate for the damage.  Babies are very elastic that way.  

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