Friday, June 10, 2011

Robbie Likes Carrots

Our wee boy is in full on teething mode these days.  Even thought he has his miserable moments, he's still pretty cheerful.  He's a total drooly mess and I keep forgetting to put bibs on him so he goes through lots of onesies every day.  Thankfully he has tons of them :)

We've been trying lots of things to help with the teething.  The usual, cold cloth, cooled teething rings etc...  He's not so much into them.  But he does seem to like baby carrots fresh from the fridge.

I hold them and he gnaws on them.  They seem to fascinate him and make his gums fee better at the same time.  Who knew?  And I get the lovely present of a baby carrot covered in drool dip to eat.

Here's hoping that some of these teeth actually show up at some point so he doesn't have to be in pain so much anymore.  It seems like they are taking forever.  Mind you I don't really know how long they are supposed to take either.  

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