Saturday, May 14, 2011

Funny Little Guy

Dear Robbie,

You are a funny little guy.  You are such a happy guy most of the time, but when you're not you sure let us know it.   You also seem to have this little on/off switch with the cranky.  It seems to be rather instantaneous.

Yesterday for instance....  We took you for a checkup and your shots.  You were a happy little boy afterwards (you did not like the actual getting of the shots) and were awesome all afternoon.  Then all of a sudden around 7:30 you were cranky, tired, unhappy and had a bit of a fever.  All you wanted were snuggles and sleep.  It actually seemed like you were sleeping and crying your little head off at the same time.  Then all of a sudden 3 hours later you were again all Mr. Smiles and Giggles and wide awake wanting to play.  It really was all of a sudden too.  One minute you were crying and the next you were happy.



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