Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Driving the Backhoe!

This long weekend we were up at Grandma and Grandpa's cottage.  It was fun and it was Robbie's first time at the cottage.  We showed him lots of things, saw some friends and family and most importantly he got go in the Backhoe with Grandpa!

They didn't actually go anywhere in it, but it was fun to see him there.  And Grandpa promised that in about 15 years he would teach him how to drive it.  

We didn't get to go for a swing on the swing set this weekend because a tree fell on it and the set had to be taken down temporarily to get the tree down.  Never fear though, this is one tough swing set.  It didn't suffer any damage.  Those good old Toronto Parks Swings last forever (they were purchased at an auction when I was a kid).

More pictures from the weekend will be coming soon.


  1. I noticed that in the labels section "Firsts" has beaten "Surgery" in frequency - as it should!!!

  2. I know! I thinks that's pretty cool.