Monday, October 25, 2010

Munchkin is Getting Old

We're getting there fast yet slow. Yesterday marked the 26 week mark. This past week I think has been the hardest yet. Munchkin decided that I should be exhausted and achy most of the week. Hopefully I won't be quite so tired this coming week.

Today especially off. I will preface this with I'm just fine and dandy and all is good. I went to the midwife today just to make sure.

This morning I woke up with a very sore lower back and what seemed to be horrid gas pains that did not want to go away. After a chunk of time I decided that I was waaaaaaaaay to uncomfortable (read super owie). So I called the midwife who had us come into the office so she could monitor me for a bit. Of course by the time we were heading in I was starting to feel better. But still better to be safe than sorry. I really wanted to make sure it wasn't something like premature labour because that would have been very bad.

But it was probably something I ate or occasionally Munchkins can be too active in there and irritate the uterus apparently. 

So yeah, I did not accomplish anything today, had to cancel some plans and felt a little guilty about bugging the midwife. Yes I am the type to feel guilty about that even thought that is part of the job. 

Now I feel fine except on the tired tired side. It was a bit on the scary side too.

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