Monday, October 4, 2010

Munchkin's Heart Problem explained

Dear Munchkin,

We found out this week what exactly is wrong with your heart and what we can do about it.

It turns out that you have a Transposition of the Great vessels in your heart.  What that basically means is the arteries going into you heart grew in backwards.  If we don't get is fixed, you won't get enough oxygen in your blood to keep you alive.  So right after you are born, you'll have to go on a little trip from the hospital you will be born in (Mount Siani) to the Hospital for Sick Kids.  There they are going to take good care of you and get a Pediatric Cardiac surgeon to switch the two vessels back to where they are supposed to be after you get a little stronger.   Then after you heal up for a couple of weeks you get to come home with us.

This is one of the best places out there to go if you're sick so you are one lucky wee one.  They tell us that you should be just fine once all of this is done and you can live just like every other kid out there, but you'll have a cool scar to show off.

And don't worry we will be with you.

We would much rather be able to take you home with us right away.



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