Saturday, January 18, 2014

Robbie knows how to do cute.

Here are a couple of videos from this past week showing just how far Robbie has come in such a short time.

At bed time we read robbie a couple of different books. Goodnight Moon and one called Doggies. Doggies has become the new favourite  and when we are done reading stories he wiggles his way to the bottom of the bed where Tabitha the cat is curled up sleeping and he reads to her. Usually the doggies book. This night he read two books to her, though her patience was not all there tonight.

This evening when we came home I showed Robbie how the cat toy was used and then handed it to him. He and Tabitha began to play and he goggled madly at her antics as she lunged repeatedly for the mouse at the end of the string. Unfortunately this is just the tail end of the playing that i was able to capture.

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  1. Go Robbie! Love both videos, and the ending of the second one was really dramatic :D