Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Little Boy is Growing Up

Today was the day that our wee Munchkin was slated to move officially from the toddler room to the Pre-School room at his daycare.  He's hanging with the big kids now.

It's a happy and a sad thing.  It is absolutely fantastic that he's moving up with his peers and everyone feels he can keep up with the big kids.  The sad thing is that he's leaving his favorite teacher in the daycare.  I know she is just as sad too.  She has through her positive energy and encouragement done wonders in helping him with his development and learning all the skills he's been learning.  I know Munchkin is going to miss being in her class every day.   

How has the time flown.  I can't believe that we are the parents of a pre-schooler already.  Next thing you know he'll be graduating from High School.

Robbie and his favorite Daycare teacher

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