Sunday, March 4, 2012

Goodbye Cranberry

Dear Robbie,

When you're older you won't remember one of your first pets.  When you got here we had two cats, Cranberry and Tabitha.  Sadly today was the day that Cranberry had to leave us.  She was quite ill and in lots of pain.  I am so sorry you won't get to pull on her tail and chase her around the house when you are a little older.    She was a funny cat.  She was very shy but super snuggly.  After you came along she was always competing with you for time on my lap.  She wanted her lap time so badly that she would often get up on my lap while you were there and would squish herself in to get her cuddle time.  And she would let you smash her with your hands while the three of us would be snuggled up together.  She will be missed.

2003 to 2012

Love Mom

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