Thursday, February 9, 2012

Horay for Eating and Drinking!

For the past little while we've been battling our little Munchkin's lack of appetite and having no desire to learn how to drink out of a sippy cup.  It's mostly been the newest medication we've had him on.  One of the side effects is a lack of appetite.

It was a bit frustrating that our little guy didn't want to eat.  But in the past two weeks that seems to have changed.  He's been eating more and more almost every day and this week he decided that drinking out of  a cup and a sippy cup isn't so bad and that he was rather interested in it.  He still has a ways to go.  It's still a messy unpredictable affair, but he's getting more out of the cup and into him than ever before.

Now we have to work on his menu choices a little bit, but that will come with time.  Currently all he really wants to eat is vanilla yoghurt, mangos, banana and strawberry.  I think he needs a little variety:)

I promise to take some pictures and post them this weekend.  We've been so busy being back at work and daycare that there are less opportunities.

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