Monday, April 18, 2011

Something About the Change Table

There is something about the change table in Robbie's room that he really loves.  Almost every time we put him there to change his diaper he becomes Mr. Happy Smiley Guy.  He makes all sorts of happy sounds and smiles.  He does little dances and generally has fun interacting with us.

It's probably that he's happy he's getting that nasty wet diaper changed to a new one, but still it's nice.  We will often stay for a little while talking and tickling him on the change table.

Of course every once in awhile he is Mr. Cranky and screams his little head off while we are changing his diaper.  Thankfully though, it is fairly infrequent now.  When is was much smaller he would scream to get the diaper changed and scream the whole way through.

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