Friday, July 9, 2010

Shopping for winter clothing in July

Today I went shopping for a winter coat. Yes, I know the heatwave just broke and winter is still far away. There is this winter jacket/coat out there that is convertible so you can wear it while not pregnant, pregnant and wearing your child. All with the addition or subtraction of a nifty panel. Anyhoo, these nifty coats are of course on the expensive side. So I decided to find one to try on and hope like heck ebay or something has one at a more reasonable price before I need it. 

In my search I came across a store in the Beaches that actually had the jackets on for %35 off the regular price. So off I trucked this afternoon. They had to pull the jacket out of the basement for me. So I've got one now. And from my conversation with the nice store clerk, probably a wise thing I did come in when I did besides the discount. Apparently these coat fly off the shelves as soon as any hint of winter gets here

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